IoT Mill

An IoT prototyping platform for quickly developing IoT devices, products, and services.
PortaOne IoT Mill

IoT Mill is a comprehensive IoT prototyping platform designed to simplify the process of developing, launching, and managing IoT devices, products, and services.

With the ability to collect data from multiple sensors, effortlessly transmit it to the cloud, it ensures quick results with unmatched convenience.

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IoT Mill is a fully assembled, tested and ready-to-use device that comes packed with a wide range of sensors, wireless connectivity choices, and customizable capabilities. 

When you’re testing an MVP, you don’t have time to wait for months for your first batch of devices to be manufactured and shipped.

And, these days, the shipping hold-ups and microchip shortages are making it worse! On top of that, if you discover an issue in the prototype, you’ll have to re-fabricate and create even more delays.

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IoT Mill has all you need to launch a new IoT device in days:

It’s a fully assembled and tested device, with a ready-to-use communication stack and optimized for long battery life

A scalable IoT product from scratch

in 4 easy steps:


Get an idea

Create your concept for an IoT product or device


Rapid prototype

Make prototypes of even the tiniest concepts swiftly



See what works and what needs to be improved right away, then repeat step 2



Integrate, collect, and process data

With our design and production experience, we can fast track a custom-made product that will meet all of your requirements and exceed your expectations.

What makes IoT Mill different?

PortaOne Management.Andriy Zhylenko

Andriy Zhylenko, CEO

Traditional IoT deployment is done by building a lab prototype - and then going through a process of building a device suitable for customer use. It involves a lengthy manufacturing process (hindered by the current shortage of microchips and slow shipping).

With IoT Mill, we've streamlined the process, so you start with a fully assembled and tested device, suitable for customer deployment right away - just add a few lines of your software code!

Compare IoT Mill vs traditional deployment

Superior power efficiency

Up to 10 years on a single charge* thanks to highly efficient design of power control circuits, and use of ultra-low-power components

Software included

Low-level OS or communication protocols are taken care of for you. Simply focus on writing the code to extract and process the data your app requires.

Durability and connectivity

IP68 Enclosure, LTE-M, NB-IoT and GNSS antennas, LTE-M / NB-IoT / WiFi / Bluetooth LE, and connectivity to add more sensors.

Indefinite run time

Connecting the solar battery to the integrated MPPT solar charger controller enables indefinite run time for more power hungry applications.

Use cases

Gain inspiration for your own IoT ventures and discover the endless potential of IoT Mill.


BLE Gateway


Water leak sensor


IoT garbage bin monitoring

Industrial applications


Interactive Art Installations with IoT Mill

Smart City

Transforming smart cities with IoT Mill


Smart Homes IoT: Creating Intelligent Living with IoT Mill


Enhancing Military Operations with IoT: Battlefield use


Better Logistics: Efficient IoT-driven Supply Chain Management


Transforming Smart Farming with IoT Mill

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