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IoT Mill Business Case Competition

Showcase your ideas for using IoT Mill and get your hands on a free device, plus global SIM cards with a data plan.

Do you have a brilliant idea for using IoT technology?

Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Are limited resources or a remote location holding you back from launching your creative concept for an IoT application?

Developers and Engineers

Are you seeking reliable and versatile tools to bring your remote projects to life?

Incubators and Accelerators

Are you searching for cost-effective solutions to empower growth for the innovative startups you support?

Students and Researches

Are you struggling to find a user-friendly and affordable tool for collecting data in remote locations for your project?

Showcase your business case for using IoT Mill and win a free device!

Submit a detailed plan outlining how IoT Mill can solve your unique challenges.

Bonus: We are finalizing a deal where you may receive a pre-credited SIM card from an international provider.

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Why participate?

Win a FREE IoT Mill device

Put IoT Mill’s capabilities to the test and realize your idea without technical hurdles.

Bring your idea to life quickly

Rapidly prototype your IoT projects and validate concepts with real-world data.

Receive valuable feedback

Winning entries will be featured on our platform, showcasing your innovative ideas to the world.

Gain industry recognition

Winning business cases will be featured on our website and social media.

Introducing IoT Mill

The Autonomous IoT Device for Remote Data Collection and Asset Control.

IoT Mill is a robust IoT device optimized for extended use in remote areas, boasting a battery life of over five years. It’s engineered for compatibility with BLE sensors/controllers to facilitate low-power communication and employs NB-IoT or CAT-M1 protocols for data transmission, making it ideal for a variety of long-term, low-maintenance autonomous IoT applications.

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IoT Mill excels in tasks requiring:


Simplify remote deployments

Effortlessly collect data and manage operations in hard-to-reach areas.

Gain actionable insights

Integrate seamlessly with your preferred platform for data analysis and decision-making.

Trigger automated actions

Set up alarms and receive real-time notifications for immediate response.

Reduce maintenance needs

An extended battery life minimizes site visits and maintenance costs.

Submit Now! Final call for entries May 31st 2024

Submission Instructions

  • A thorough and well-articulated case enhances your likelihood of success.
  • By submitting the form you agree to the IoT Mill Business Case Competition Terms and Conditions.

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How we select winning submissions

We're eager to see how you envision utilizing IoTMill's capabilities to tackle real-world challenges. To select the most impactful entries, our expert panel will carefully evaluate submissions based on the following criteria:

Alignment with IoTMill's strengths

Does your proposed solution leverage IoTMill's functionalities effectively? Do you demonstrate a clear understanding of IoTMill's capabilities and how they can address your specific needs?

Feasibility and Practicality

Is your proposed solution realistic and achievable with current technology and resources? Have you considered the implementation process and potential challenges? Does your plan showcase a well-defined and executable strategy?

Innovation and Creativity

Does your business case showcase originality and creativity in its approach? What sets your solution apart from existing methods? Does your idea demonstrate innovative thinking and the potential to break new ground?

Impact and Value:

Can you quantify the potential impact of your proposed solution? How will it improve efficiency, solve a problem, or create value? Does your business case demonstrate the potential for scalability and wider application?

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