IoT garbage bin monitoring

Protect wildlife and enhance public safety. With motion sensors, receive real-time alerts for bin overturns or unauthorized movements


Every year in British Columbia, around 950 black bears and 50 grizzlies are killed to protect the general public.

More bears are becoming accustomed to and reliant on garbage in BC, requiring their extermination. It’s a waste of life. It’s also expensive: the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks Conservation Officer Service spends about $1 million each year repairing bear damage to garbage facilities.

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Installing IoT motion sensor on each garbage bin.

Allows advanced monitoring and messaging to owners and utility companies in case of bin overturn or unscheduled moves.

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  • Monitoring if the garbage bin is placed outside for collection only during the collection time slot.
  • Automatic warning messages may be pushed to home owner phones and automatic fines may be issued for multiple violations.
  • Having real time information about overturned garbage bins while knowing if bin has been emptied or not.
  • Automatic dispatch of cleaning teams.
  • Providing statistical and location information for conservation officers.

Home owner

  • Receives a warning message if bin has been put out on the wrong day (for instance, due to schedule changes or weather).
  • Receives a message once bins have been emptied for fast removal.
  • Receives alerts for bear intrusions so owner can scare away the bear and clean the street.

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